The spirit of COTTAI LTD: Non-stop improvement and constant innovation.
From the ordinary exports of blind components & accessories to having our own R&D team, our purpose is to provide better and more suitable curtain blind components for you.
Following us can allow you to change your current life. Why do we say so? You must know the following points:


“If the cord or the chain operation has potential risk of leading to accidents, why do we still keep using it?” by COTTAI R&D

We focus on solving the problems encountered by users. If you are expecting to develop unique parts that have not appeared in the market, our professional R&D team will brainstorm with you to design high-quality, ideal and unique products together!

“R&D, manufacturing, and delivery arrangement are all ready for you!” by COTTAI marketing sales

We understand consumers’ preferences from global market analysis, and we improve our quality for both our products and customer services by following ISO 9001 Standard Operating Procedure.
With the integration of online marketing and offline communication, we not only help you find your ideal products, but also provide you with after-sales service as our support. This way, you will not need to worry about what questions you may face after placing orders.

“You can have both quality and speed.” by COTTAI QC engineer

From order confirmation to production arrangement, we offer efficient communication, and keep our eyes on the status of production just in order to deliver high-quality MIT products to you.
Is there only one choice between quality and speed? NO! We can do them both.

“We aim to grow up your business and our business together.” by COTTAI CEO

COTTAI is not just a supplier of curtain parts. We grow from the regular production and sales to offering the development service. Business model extends from the traditional one to the digital platform management.
We are also committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, such as distributing daily necessities to rural areas, or donating medical masks to the epidemic area. We consider the needs of people, and listen attentively to narrow the gap between people.

The initial and final purpose of the company is to make everyone live a better life, and therefore we look forward to growing with you!