[New Development]: Rapid replacement medical curtain system

2021, 07, 14
According to the issue mentioned by ESCMID in 2019, medical curtain may cause the risk of cross infection. Owing to those curtains attached to the high level of position in massive quantities, it is time-consuming and painstaking to disassemble and change them.

Therefore, many hospitals basically clean it by UV disinfection, or cleaning alcohol. However, the virus tends to remain on the surface due to the back-and-forth contact between people and patients. Under the situation of COVID-19, using the clean curtain can reduce the risk of cross infection to prevent the spread of virus. 

Our rapid replacement medical curtain system will allow users to control the curtain position simply by the remote control. Then it will be easier to swiftly handle the curtain. In addition, this system is designed to fit with most of the medical curtain systems available in the market. It helps users not only quickly detach and clean the curtain, but ease the stock pressure for suppliers.
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