Chainless Roman End Control Unit

Material: Plastic、Steel
Product Size (L*W*H): 8.2 * 4.3 * 3cm (L-side)、8.2 * 4.3 * 2.5cm (R-side)
Product Weight: 126g

The cord and chain driven blinds may causing dangerous for kids and home pet.We design a mechanism operate without chain driven to avoid potential dangerous at home.

Its safe and work by pulling up or letting down the blinds through the parts. Quick assemble and Simple shape make it different with traditional blinds.

Improve children’s home safety
Reduce consumables parts
Instant operation without brochure
Great home decoration
Spring mechanism replace for visible cord

Assembly Instructions

  • Step.1

    The tilt rod needs to be 1.5cm longer 
  • Step.2

    Same as the assembly of regular roman blind. Insert the tilt rod into the cradle first , and then put it into the head rail. After that, let the cord be attached to the fabric.

  • Step.3

    Be sure to follow the direction as left picture when turning the rod to collect the cord
Note: The thickness is different between left and right end control unit. The left one is thicker as below picture.
  • Step.4

    After the cord is collected, pull out the tilt rod a bit for inserting the left end control unit.
  • Step.5

    Start turning the rod counterclockwise 2~3 times, which is to let the fabric be close to the rail. Put the end control unit into the rail afterwards.

  • Step.6

    Pull out the tilt rod a bit for inserting the right end control unit.
  • Step.7

    Start turning the rod clockwise 2~3 times. Put it into the rail afterwards.
  • Step.8


  • You could use Velcro to prevent the light leakage in blinds
  • There is an eyelet in the cradle as the blue mark in the picture. The design is to prevent the cradle from being worn out by the cord.

How to assemble Chainless Roman blinds?


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