Patented Design

Universal 4S Safety Tensioner

Material: Plastic
Optional Material: PCR Plastic
Keep the chain or cord neat, secure and reduce the strangulation risk to young children.
Safety lock; 2 parts joint for continuous looped chains; Spring button for smooth running; Fit to wall or frame.

While the home environment may seem safe for children and pets, it also tend to be often fraught with hidden dangers. One commonly overlooked risk is posed by the chains of window blinds.
Our product, 4S Safety Tensioner, addresses this safety concern. Apart from securely fastening the chains, it allows users to open and close directly without the need to untie the device.
Additionally, it reduces noise during operation, enhancing the quality of life.

Silent Carrier

Material: Plastic (available for eco plastic), Metal
Product Size: 1.4*1.4*2.7cm
Product Weight: 0.5g


COTTAI patent - Locarrier, curtain carrier
This is our newest design -- COTTAI innovation!
It helps you reduce replacement time by taking only two steps to replace the curtain: push and turn.

Save time
It helps you reduce replacement time by taking only two steps to replace the curtain: push and turn.

Easy use
You can replace the carrier directly from the middle without removing track from ceiling or wall.

Universal type
Available for different sizes of the track (curved, straight, or even hospital curtain track)

Chainless Roman End Control Unit

Material: Plastic、Steel
Product Size (L*W*H): 8.2 * 4.3 * 3cm (L-side)、8.2 * 4.3 * 2.5cm (R-side)
Product Weight: 126g

The cord and chain driven blinds may causing dangerous for kids and home pet.We design a mechanism operate without chain driven to avoid potential dangerous at home.

Its safe and work by pulling up or letting down the blinds through the parts. Quick assemble and Simple shape make it different with traditional blinds.

Improve children’s home safety
Reduce consumables parts
Instant operation without brochure
Great home decoration
Spring mechanism replace for visible cord

Mediguard Ⅱ

Mediguard Ⅱ - motorized curtain track lifting system


Mediguard - Auto Lift Up/Down Medical Curtain Module

・ABS Shell - flame resistance; dust-protected; lightweight
・Motor - Provide lifting power
・Illumination Module
・Aluminum Tube For Cord Take-up
・Sanitizing Spray Module
・Pulley System - correcting direction of cord
・RF Wireless Receiver Module


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