Silent Carrier

Material: Plastic (available for eco plastic), Metal
Product Size: 1.4*1.4*2.7cm
Product Weight: 0.5g
What is the Silent Carrier? And what are its key features?
• The Silent Carrier features noise-reducing material and a 3-dimension noise reduction patent design, which will effectively reduce noise level by an impressive 50% to 70%.
• It is also available for different types of hook for your options.
• Carrier size could be customized according to your requirements.
• The plastic part of our silent carrier could be also produced by using eco-friendly plastic material for the purpose of environmental sustainability.


Also, we are pleased to share the news with you that Silent Carrier, has won the Good Design Award 2023 and iF Design Award 2024, which are both the most renowned international product design awards.


Following is what the reviewers said about our products:
"The sound-reduction effect of this product is advantageous in various settings, such as public spaces including hospitals, libraries, and childcare facilities, as well as hospitality and office spaces including restaurants and conference rooms. The effect of this small runner can be significant."

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