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Locarrier - Advanced Curtain Carrier


Cottai Patent - Advanced Curtain Carrier

To reduce the inconvenience that our users experience when replacing curtains, COTTAI have launched an advanced CURTAIN CARRIER this year, in order to solve the problem that the previous carrier could not be quickly and directly put into the track.
We are pleased to recommend the easy way to replace the curtain carrier for your curtain, which is our Locarrier. To save your time and work for the replacement and installation, Locarrier is probably your easy solution.

Three major advantages of our Locarrier:

Save time
It helps you reduce replacement time by taking only two steps to replace the curtain: push and turn.

Easy use
You can replace the carrier directly from the middle without removing track from ceiling or wall.

Universal type
Available for different sizes of the track (curved, straight, or even hospital curtain track)
Please feel free to contact us if there's any further information that you may need to know or clarify. We would like to help as always.

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