Mediguard - Auto Lift Up/Down Medical Curtain Module

・ABS Shell - flame resistance; dust-protected; lightweight
・Motor - Provide lifting power
・Illumination Module
・Aluminum Tube For Cord Take-up
・Sanitizing Spray Module
・Pulley System - correcting direction of cord
・RF Wireless Receiver Module

• The product has won the Taiwan Excellence Award for 2023.

• Its motorized lifting system can smoothly raise and lower the cubicle curtain track through the remote control, so there is no need to carry around and climb the ladders any more. In this way, the task of changing cubicle curtain will become much easier and safer, and thus be able to increase the frequency and willingness to replace and clean the cubicle curtain.

• Other multifunctional care modules could be added, which project comfortable warm light for illumination, and spray out fine mist for disinfection.

• There is also a basic version with only lifting function to choose from which the size is smaller.


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